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Logo & website design for Kitesurfing & SUP Shop


Ok secret's out, I love stand up paddle boarding so when the opportunity came up in general conversation that this local Maroochydore shop needed a website ... I naturally said 'yes'. I love the idea of combing my work and my 'fun time'. We'd go for a paddle at Cotton Tree River Mouth before we sat down in-front of the computer to nut out the 'behind the scenes' work that goes on for a website. For me, it was a perfect combination. Here's what we came up with. Logo design We incorporated both kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding into the one logo. Previously the store had two different logos but for the website we came up with one - helped to "unify" the look. Website design This is a large website and has many features which include: Online shopping cart with PayPal connect Events calendar Lessons/hire booking calendar Electronic...


Refreshing change for established name

Chaz Floors website on computer

'WALKING THE TALK' always feel somewhat deflated if a business comes to me with all the plans in the world, but in the end are not capable of 'walking the talk'. What I found so refreshing about the new team at Chaz Floors - now Chaz Floors & Blinds.... Is that they came to me with an open mind and because of this we have been able to work together to transform their brand into a consistent, strong visual identity that reflects their culture, service and product - perfectly. They now 'walk the talk'. Initially Chaz approached us to redesign their website... but once they saw the 'design difference' and realised the impact a consistent 'look and feel' can have. They realised they had a number issues that needed to be addressed. The first being the look of their brand - it did not reflect their modern products and they...


Cultural wedding with a modern twist


My creative energy was in overdrive with this one! When one of my best friends decided she was getting married, I was so excited. Obviously for the fact that she had found her 'One', but also because we are two very like-minded creative souls, and with this energy working together on an event - you can ensure the end result is going to be nothing short of 'visually exciting'! The colour palette alone is enough to keep me up all night sketching ideas but the fact we have two people with a culturally rich background of African and Indigenous, the ideas came, shall we say ... naturally. I'm absolutely honoured to be an integral part of this most gorgeous wedding in being asked to provide the styling, invitations, ceremony & reception stationery and website design (as well as being the Chief Bridesmaid... naww!). With an international and local guest list, we decided...


Our website is launched


IT'S TRUE, WE'RE LIVE! We figure it's what we do, so we better do it well. So much hard work and many, many hours have gone into what you see today. We also have a mobile site the desktop site redirects you if you're on a mobile device - which is also pretty cool. You can check it out yourself, if you have a QR or bar scanner app on your phone. So Spring has sprung, and so has our website. Take a look around and we hope you enjoy the view and most importantly leave our site, inspired and ready to create something beautiful. Chao for now.


Welcome to One Red Poppy


ONE RED POPPY HAS BLOOMED! All that inspires us in the Stand Tall Design studio comes here to land in the field of 'One Red Poppy'. Here we cover all the studio goss, design conferences, all things art and design, beautiful paper (my passion), industry related books that keep us up late at night and anything that captivates us! So soak it up and leave rosie-cheeked and energised after running bare-foot through the field of 'One Red Poppy'.