Refreshing change for established name


I always feel somewhat deflated if a business comes to me with all the plans in the world, but in the end are not capable of 'walking the talk'. What I found so refreshing about the new team at Chaz Floors - now Chaz Floors & Blinds.... Is that they came to me with an open mind and because of this we have been able to work together to transform their brand into a consistent, strong visual identity that reflects their culture, service and product - perfectly. They now 'walk the talk'.

Initially Chaz approached us to redesign their website... but once they saw the 'design difference' and realised the impact a consistent 'look and feel' can have. They realised they had a number issues that needed to be addressed.

The first being the look of their brand - it did not reflect their modern products and they were not proud of their business "appearance". Secondly, they expanded their product line a while ago to include Blinds, but the name didn't reflect it.

As part of a Stand Tall logo design we include a positioning statement - this sums up what your business is all about, in a few words.

Here's the logo design:

Corporate stationery included their positioning statement - 'Your Sunshine Coast Floors & Blinds specialists' and helps to provide a consistent look across both print and electronic media:

Photography is extremely important, especially on websites. A good image not only provides instant visual impact but also a focal point and guides the reader's eye from one point to another. For this site we were able to incorporate new photography of Chaz's corporate projects which lifted the website incredibly with it's vibrancy but also showcases a more accurate cross-section of the services they provide.

This website is a large business website. Here's a snapshot of the end result:

Their new website went live this morning, so you can visit it here.

A training day is to be conducted next week in the use of wordpress so they can easily update their website through monthly posts and new products for their gallery.

If you're a business owner and your "appearance" doesn't reflect the awesome product or service you provide, or if you're not proud of your website or logo design, maybe 2012 is your 'year of change' too.

Here are a couple of tips that Stand Tall Design incorporates into large projects like this:

INSIDER TIP #1: A really important part of the creative process is communicating 'how' you came up with the solution. In this instance, Stand Tall Design presented three concepts, and a small, but significant part of this presentation is 'inspiration' boards. We find these to be an excellent way of illustrating where the solutions came from. Here's a snapshot of what was shown.

INSIDER TIP #2: Get a good photographer and invest in great photos! You can then use the imagery across all collateral - it is well worth it.


Some of the website photography (home page commercial projects and some of the product shots) were photographed by the very talented Kerrie-Anne Bennett. Her site can be found here.


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